Exclusive health Membership Package for our traditional ayurvedic therapies

Membership Packages Silver Membership
8.00 am - 8.00 pm (Tuesday to Friday)
Service Name MRP (Rs.) No. of GV Membership Duration Save % Face Value Offer Price(Rs.)
(Two Hand Therapy)
1300 24 12 Months 30 910 21840 Book Now
12 6 Months 20 1040 12480 Book Now
SHIRODHARA 2100 24 12 Months 25 1575 37800 Book Now
12 6 Months 20 1680 20160 Book Now

Presenting, exclusive Authentic Ayurveda membership packages, with preventive and wellness therapies.
Health Benefits of Shree Vishwa Anand Membership Plans
The power of revitalization and well-being that Authentic Ayurveda offers is life–altering.
And we want you to live a wholesome life – the Ayurveda life – on a lifelong basis. The health benefits of taking Ayurvedic therapies on a regular basis are numerous:

  • Helps increase immunity
  • Reduces physical suffering
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Controls and prevents many diseases
  • Helps ease stressed and tired muscles
  • Increases vigour and vitality
  • Anti-ageing benefit
  • Reduces overweight
  • Improves alertness of mind and body
  • Relieves mental tension and strain
  • Improves skin luster, corrects metabolism and deficiency
  • Recharges body and mind
  • Stabilises physical and psychological health

Hence the idea of exclusive SVA Ayurveda membership packages, which comprise preventive and wellness therapies that keep bone and joint problems, obesity, stress &strain, hair and skin ailments, diabetes and various other lifestyle disorders at bay, and enable a holistic state of living. Always. What’s more, as our privileged member, you will benefit in more ways than one.

Shree Vishwa Anand Membership Plans – An option to suit every need!

  • Helps increase immunity
  • Great savings – up to 30% on MRP
  • An internationally renowned panel of Ayurveda doctors to advise you on the best plan for you
  • Complimentary family consultation
  • Flexibility in membership plans
  • Membership BONUS savings on treatment packages in the future