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Offer 1: Eye Care Therapy
Netra Tarpanam + Head Massage
(45min Session)

In Netra Basti/Tarpana medicated ghee is poured on the eyes in a little "pitch" (dam) that has been build around the eyes. This treatment is beneficial especially for disorders of Vata and Pitta doshas like weakened eyesight, dryness of the eyes, conjunctivitis, etc.

Benefits: Reduces tension and migraine headaches, Soothes dry, itchy, eyes, Provides relief from allergies, Improved vision

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Offer 2: Abhyangam
Full Body Massage + Steam + Shower
(60min Session)

Abhyangam means "to make all limbs smooth by oil". Ayurvedic oil massage is part of the pretreatment of Panchakarma. It is a soft body massage with herbalised oils "in the direction of body hair". It is performed in a synchronized way by Ayurveda technicians.

Benefits: Makes the skin smooth and shiny, Removes roughness from the body, Brings luster to the face, Balancing sleep patterns

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Offer 3: Navara Facial
Navara Facial
(45min Session)

Nourish your Skin with Special NavaraFacial.A unique combination of Navara rice, processed by decoction of herbs and milk into poultice is used for face.

Benefits: Removes dryness of skin, moisturises the skin, cleanses the pores, strengthens the facial muscles, nourishes the skin cells, removes tan and helps to improve complexion.

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Offer 4: Navara Kizhi
Health Gain + Session of Abhyangam + Kizi (Potli Massage)
(75min Session)

This is one of the most popular therapies used for the purpose of body rejuvenation. Here a special type of rice called “Navara” is used for massaging which is cooked with a mixture of “Sidacordifolia” decoction and cow’s milk.

Benefits: Improves blood supply by cleansing the channels of circulation, Removes metabolic waste, Promotes digestion, Restores vigor, Gives softness to the body by improving the health of the skin

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Offer 5: Relaxation Therapy
Abhyangam + Head Massage + Face Pack + Steam
(75min Session)

Feeling stressed after a long day of work? A specialized package made for you to relax your body and rejuvenate your skin. a soft body massage with herbalised "oils" in the direction of body hairs and hairs and head massage to reduce the stress, rvitalize the brain & body and herbal face apck for glowing skin.

Benefits: Rejuvenates the skin, Freshness, Detanning, Nourishes hairs, Removes pimples, wrinkles, Dead cells removal, Glow on face, stops ageing

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Offer 6: Stress Away Package
Abhyangam + Shirodhara + Steam
(90min Session)

"Shiro" means head, and "dhara" is the continuous flow of a liquid. In this process, warm herbal oils, milk or buttermilk, or decoctions are poured in a slow steady stream on your forehead. This treatment is profoundly relaxing, nourishing. It will improve your mental clarity and comprehension.

Benefits: Insomnia, Hypertension, Diseases of the brain, Stress, Paralysis, Hair loss

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The Deal

Choose from the following offers for 1 person:

  • Offer 1 - Rs.1300: Eye Care Therapy (Nera Tarpanam + Head Massage) for 45min
  • Offer 2 - Rs.1300: Abhyangam (Full Body Massage + Steam + Shower) for 60min
  • Offer 3 - Rs.1300: Navara Facial for 45min
  • Offer 4 - Rs.1600: Health Gain + Session of Abhyangam + Kizi (Potli Massage) for 75min
  • Offer 5 - Rs.2200: Relaxation Therapy (Abhyangam + Head Massage + Face Pack + Steam) 75min
  • Offer 6 - Rs.2100: Stress Away (Abhyangam + Shirodhara + Steam) for 90min

Timings: 08:00 AM to 8:00 PM

What You Get

  • Offer 1 (45min Session) : Eye Care Therapy (Nera Tarpanam + Head Massage)
  • Offer 2 (60min Session) : Abhyangam (Full Body Massage + Steam + Shower)
  • Offer 3 (45min Session) : Navara Facial
  • Offer 4 (75min Session) : Health Gain + Session of Abhyangam + Kizi (Potli Massage)
  • Offer 5 (75min Session) : Relaxation Therapy (Abhyangam + Head Massage + Face Pack + Steam)
  • Offer 6 (90min Session) : Stress Away (Abhyangam + Shirodhara + Steam)

General Fine Print

  • Prior appointment mandatory (Upon purchase, you will receive a voucher with the reservation number). Rescheduling may result in additional charges
  • For weekend appointments, we recommend calling 2 - 3 days in advance
  • Voucher printout is mandatory