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Shree Vishwa Anand Health Center

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A Unique Ayurved & Panchakarma Center That does Traditional, Authentic & Scientific Panchakarma for Patients with Chronic diseases without Side Effects

Ayurvedic Treatments

Pain Management - Shree Vishwa Anand
Pain Management

Pain management therapies at Ayurvedic clinic mostly focus on using natural ingredients such as herbal oils, plant extracts or pastes.

Depression & Anxiety - Shree Vishwa Anand
Depression & Anxiety

Depression and Anxiety are often observed to co-exist. Too much mental stress is a trigger that can result in mental disturbances leading to Depression or Anxiety.

Gastric Problems - Shree Vishwa Anand
Gastric Problems

Gastric problems refer to diseases of organs that are a part of digestive system including the stomach, intestine, esophagus, rectum, etc.

Weight Loss - Shree Vishwa Anand
Weight Loss

Obesity is a medical condition and refers to excessive body fat. It occurs when the amount of calorie consumption exceeds the amount of calories lost.

Skin & Hair Care - Shree Vishwa Anand
Skin & Hair Care

Ayurveda offers some special beauty treatments and Ayurvedic facial is an important therapy. It uses special oils or cream to form a natural facelift massage.

Mental Health - Shree Vishwa Anand
Mental Health

Mental health includes our emotional, behavioral and social well-being. To have a good physical health it is very important that one has normal and healthy mind.

Ayurvedic Doctors For Best Medical Counselling and Treatment

At Shree Vishwa Anand you get to interact with Ayurvedic doctors who have a significant experience of serving patients. We provide Ayurvedic treatments that are thoroughly tested and analyzed. The best part is that the therapies are provided by trained and experienced therapists under the supervision of our expert Ayurvedic consultants.

According to Ayurveda, absence of disease is not enough to indicate good health. True health refers to wellness of body as well as mind. The Ayurvedic treatments offered at Shree Vishwa Anand clinic are strictly based on this principle and hence we take into consideration every patient’s mental health while treating physical illness. The Ayurvedic treatments are designed in such a way that one feels tremendous mental satisfaction along with relief of physical ailments. The overall experience is very professional and therapeutic, making Shree Vishwa Anand one of the best Ayurvedic clinics and Panchakarma Center. 

4 Reasons that make Shree Vishwa Anand one of its kind of an Ayurvedic clinic

Home - Convenient Location in Mumbai - Shree Vishwa Anand

Convenient Location in Mumbai.

Home - Consultation with experienced Ayurvedic doctors - Shree Vishwa Anand

Consultation with experienced Ayurvedic doctors

Home - Professional and Experienced Therapists - Shree Vishwa Anand

Professional and Experienced Therapists

Home- Good Review- Shree Vishwa Anand

Combination of contemporary research and ancient knowledge to deliver the best results


Consult with Ayurvedic Doctor – Find out your Prakriti and get a Nadi Pariksha done. Place a request for appointment by simply filling this form. To call a clinic directly and book appointment.

Our Happy Customers

Dr.Amar is a friendly person who understands different aspects of your lifestyle from food, work , your history and connects patterns to look at the root cause. His patient hearing and ability to explain in detail.is very good.i have been suggested diet changes and given medicines. Hoping for a good recovery.

Sowmya Ramanujam

Most genuine Ayurvedic doctor! Also goes in depth/ spe ds time to study the case. I have been suffering from psoriasis since long, with many therapies tried, without success. I got excellent results from my treatment (over 15 days). I would strongly recommend this treatment for lasting results.


Dr is v calm and peaceful. He always customise and manufacturing his medicine acc to patient needs. He understand patients issues and make treatment program as required. . .Good hygenic place with all requirements needed for ayurveda treatment. Staff is very hard working.He makes sure that patient gets full satisfaction .

Taraben Rajmal Shah

I'm a 67 years old lady due to a fall, I got severe pain in knee with swelling. I already had vericose vein problem. Dr. Shinde diagnosed the problem. And according to my body type prescribed 15 days treatment. At the end I could walk straight without stick & support. I can now sit down and fold my legs. Thanks to Dr. Amar Shinde for treating me effectively. I highly recommend the ayurvedic treatment this to my family and friends.


It is nice experience to have ayurvedic treatments at Shred Vishwa Anand Ayurveda, Kurla. The doctor, staff and overall clinic environment are friendly, cooperative and good for ayurvedic treatments.Lastly, the cost is very high for the common middle class people as compared to what treatments are being provided. I wish all the very best for all future endeavors of everybody here. Thank you.

Ameya Chougule

Had a great experience, doctor is very calm and patience. Explained everything in detailed and focused on correcting eating habit. Instead of taking lot of medicine. Will Definitely recommend my friends and family to visit there for any issue if want to resolve it from the root. Will start medication from today and post my feedback once again after few days


Excellent service. time spend here was worth. Good traditional treatments carried forward wish them all the best


experience was good with the doctor. he made me understand certain things which was necessary for me and my body which nobody had previously told me about it. he advised me panchakarma and it is helping me to heal my problem. overall a good experience.

Dipti Okhade

very helpful and provide better solution for the health issues.. I will definitely recommend to my relative and friends... Thanks a lot

Rohit Shinde

it was an great experience for me ,doctor has given me all the information in detail and required panchakarma according to my problem , results had started to show within some days and I am happy with the treatment given by the doctor and the well qualified staff . I will s surely recommend doctor to my family and friends.


Treatment given according to symptoms and doshah predominant in our body and explaining all treatment plan and doubts.

Dr Pradnya Kamble

the doctor gave detail analysis of my problem , extremely helpful suggestions in diet was advised , they HV good experienced staff to take care would recommend my family and friends for panchakarma treatments here.

Vivek Anand

booked an appointment through nearby. had one of the best massage experience ever. staffs are very cortious and approachable. thanks for the wonderful experience. no comments only praises........


Excellent service and prompt delivery
courtesy extended at all stages of the massage
No 1 quality products used.
overall nice experience


came to treat headache. staff was very courteous and ambience is good. would highly recommend for treatment and looking forward to try their other treatments


Doctor and staff was really good and polite at service. The diagnosis was very accurate by doctor .Very serene and soothing environment a place one must visit at least once.

Animesh Mhatre

Experience was nice. I will recommend this center to my family members and friends. valuable treatment .


Good. Relaxing experience and ambience was welcoming. Treatment was relaxing. Overall good experience


taking this treatment since last six month. my pain is reduced. feeling more confident now. will continue the treatment

Vinayak Naik

My experience is good in abhayangam.Body get relax and comfort.I'm consulted for Panchakarma.I would like to visit again.

Sachin Khodabe

have visited the center for panchakarma. was guided well by doctor for my problems.satisfied with the treatment. doctor and staff are excellelent.

Deepak Harnekar
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